Olivia Egan-Rudolph, CFSC

Strength Coach

With degrees in Environmental Science and Political Theory, Olivia’s career path towards fitness was far from conventional. After graduating from UCSC, she accepted a job in the nonprofit sector but quickly encountered burnout. Long hours combined with emotionally taxing and poorly rewarded work were commonplace, while self-care was seen as a guilty pleasure—a once in a while, feel-good luxury, rather than an individual and organizational necessity. Olivia realized that the status quo needed to change. She started a practice of radical self-care where movement became an act of self-preservation, not an indulgence. This decision ultimately led her to pursue a career in fitness.

As a high school and college athlete, Olivia developed a passion for sport at an early age. But it wasn’t until her early twenties that she realized that this passion would be the catalyst for a career in health education and physical fitness. Now she’s on a mission to spread the positive byproducts of movement using strength and conditioning as her platform. As an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Functional Strength Coach, Olivia believes that physical activity should be fun, inclusive, and effective. She’s a devoted practitioner who believes that exercise is medicine for the body and the mind.