Elise Liu, MPH, RD

Health Coach

As a Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist with a background in public health, Elise approaches nutrition through an integrative lens that focuses on understanding the array of moving parts that shapes one’s health and wellness story. By closely examining the correlation between one’s external environment, their unique composition, and their relationship to food,​ Elise is able to develop personalized and realistic strategies to not only move towards balance, but to recalibrate as necessary in an effort to stay there.

She received a BS in Nutritional Science from UC Berkeley, and earned a Masters in Public Health at UCLA. She did her Dietetic internship at the VA-Greater Los Angeles. Additionally, Elise trained under the Integrative & Functional Nutrition Academy to bolster her specialization in the practice of functional nutrition.

Elise grew up in Marin County, gratefully surrounded by lush hiking trails. ​In her spare time, she loves to engage in the moving meditations of pottery and yoga, and anything that involves standup comedy.