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Crossover Health Launches Connected System of Health

LAS VEGASOct. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today at the HLTH conference, Crossover Health launched its Connected System of Health. The new offering enables self-insured employers to deliver comprehensive primary care services, alongside care management and coordination of secondary care, from a digital-first, national medical group. The focus of the Connected System of Health is to deliver lower cost, higher quality, and best experience healthcare anytime, anywhere to a national population of members. This model can be applied to any risk-bearing entity.

Crossover Health Chief Executive Officer Scott Shreeve, M.D., will present tomorrow at HLTH alongside Tanya Benenson, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Comcast NBCUniversal highlighting how the Crossover solution is addressing the varied healthcare needs of their diverse and distributed workforce in markets across the United States. Comcast NBCUniversal has the goal of extending this high-quality primary care nationwide in a consistent, scalable method while simultaneously addressing the unique access and care challenges resident in each geography. A key aspect of the partnership has been Crossover’s ability to deliver innovative onsite and nearsite health centers that complement and integrate Comcast NBCUniversal’s benefits ecosystem while having the compelling potential of seamlessly delivering a physical and virtual care experience.

“Crossover makes remarkable health possible by connecting the disconnected,” said Shreeve. “We did the hard work of building the last mile first— creating a new care delivery model with our physical health centers, ensuring care is grounded in outcomes, not distorted by payment models. Now through our virtual channels, we can further bring people, their doctors, data, and benefits together under one Connected System of Health. Using permissioned health data and sophisticated analytics to unlock care insights, we help keep populations healthy while staying ahead of chronic conditions, proactively reaching out to patient members who need us most.”

The Crossover model relies on a dedicated team of interdisciplinary providers, including comprehensive physical medicine, behavioral health, and health coaching services, that can deliver personalized care across multiple channels. These care teams are enabled by the Crossover Platform — a proprietary combination of electronic health record, customer relationship management, secure messaging service, and project management tools — crafted to meet the needs of the modern healthcare consumer. Finally, the company offers consulting services to ensure the effectiveness and deep integration of an enterprise’s digital health and wellness solutions to create a seamless, coordinated experience for the employer and the patient members.

Crossover Health began as a leading provider of comprehensive health services for self-insured employers with onsite and nearsite health centers, and acquired Sherpaa Health, the pioneer of virtual primary care, in February 2019. In addition to virtual care, the Sherpaa platform also included Care Navigation and Care Management capabilities, including the ability to create a curated network of specialists in remote geographies and structured care plans that can be prescribed to members to ensure closed loop follow ups and best care outcomes.

The Connected System of Health will first be deployed in a state with a substantial population of Comcast NBCUniversal employees scattered throughout and then continue across the country. Beginning with the use of a customized mobile trailer, the rollout will consist of onsite, nearsite, and virtual health centers that allow employees to directly access integrated primary care. When necessary, the Crossover care team will see members at their physical health centers or guide members to a curated network of specialists, diagnostic facilities, surgery centers, and hospitals in their individual geographies.

“We previously worked with Crossover to provide enhanced primary care and, as a result, we believe they are the right partner to help address our national primary care delivery challenges. Crossover’s Connected System of Health is what we are looking for to deliver the type of technologically connected and convenient care our employees not only expect, but desperately need in certain critical access areas,” said Benenson. “Innovative plan design and point solutions can only take us so far when the care delivery system they depend on is fractured and disconnected. We realized that we had to address primary care delivery.”

The Comcast NBCUniversal and Crossover Connected System of Health collaboration is expected to kick off in early 2020.

About Crossover Health
Crossover Health provides a Connected System of Health — powered by a digital-first, national medical group for self-insured employers. By combining onsite, nearsite, and virtual health centers delivering personalized care from a dedicated, collaborative care team and a curated network of specialist providers, Crossover is able to connect every employee – in headquarters or in remote locations – to remarkable care while simultaneously helping companies take control of their healthcare spending. Powering this outcomes-focused model is a sophisticated enterprise data warehouse, which aggregates a vast array of permissioned health data, and a suite of analytics to identify high-risk and high-cost employees. Dedicated care teams are able to engage members directly through our proprietary software, better managing their conditions, and preventing costly complications. Headquartered in San Clemente, California, Crossover Health serves hundreds of thousands of employees and dependents of some of the nation’s largest companies across the country. For more information, visit us at or follow us on Twitter @crossoverhealth.

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